May Hands and Olga Ulmann

May Hands from London and Olga Ulmann from Frankfurt met during their studies. Since then, the two artists have been connected by their work with textiles, from small sculptures to expansive installations, as well as their joint exhibitions.

“We are curious about each other's work, about the art that we can now really work on together for the first time. Until now, we have exhibited together, but each with our own works. Now to develop and create something together in this extraordinary place is a special opportunity we are looking forward to!” Olga Ulmann

May Hands and Olga Ulmann
May Hands

May Hands uses traditional textile-based techniques such as dyeing, spinning and weaving in her work and places them within the framework of contemporary visual art.

Olga Ulmann is a practice-based, artistic researcher who explores the visual and material world of “high and pop culture” and translates her findings into sculptures, installations, and video performances.

During their residency, May and Olga hope to learn not only from each other, but also from the environment around Wannsee. The site itself will not only become their geographical meeting point, but also the third participant in their collaboration, simultaneously influencing and shaping the process as well as the outcome of their residency.

The two fellows will be on Schwanenwerder until June 2023.

From June 2023, the two will exhibit their created works in the rooms of the “nogallery” in Ludwigkirchstraße in Wilmersdorf. The exact date will be announced. |

Olga Ulmann