Women Artists in Residence

May Hands and Olga Ulmann

Two Artists From Frankfurt and From London Have Taken up Their Fellowships

For the first time we have a duo of female artists as fellows in our residency program. While Olga Ulmann has already moved into the house on Schwanenwerder, May Hands is working digitally for the time being. During their residency, May and Olga hope to learn not only from each other, but also from the environment around Wannsee. The two fellows will be on Schwanenwerder until June 2023.

Alice Pedroletti

New Scholarship Holder From Italy Moves Into the House

Islands have taken a liking to visual artist Alice Pedroletti, who has lived for many years between Milan and Berlin. During her fellowship, she will explore the history of Schwanenwerder, geographically and historically. Her work will be photographic and sculptural, using archival material and models. She will live on Schwanenwerder until mid-February 2023.

Amany Atef

Dancer and Choreographer From Egypt Has Started Her Scholarship

Dancer and educator Amany Atef will use her fellowship until the end of November to continue working on her research project “Bluebottle Flies” – a project about the perceptions and experiences of psychological-social behaviour. Meanwhile, she will develop a choreography that translates her work on the social and individual psychological imbalance into a dance performance.

Hania Mariam Luthufi

Singer From Sri Lanka in Berlin

Singer and composer Hania Mariam Luthufi combines in her music the musical traditions of her native Sri Lanka with the free improvisation of jazz. During her fellowship until mid-September she will continue to explore European musical traditions and will present her music in different showcases.

Hau Chun Kwong

The Fourth Chinese Woman on Schwanenwerder

The visual artist Hau Chun Kwong from Munich / Hong Kong has moved into the Künstlerhaus. She will use the time of rest on Schwanenwerder to artistically feel the effects of people's memories and injuries.

Sonja Knecht

Berlin Woman Has Started Her Residency

Text artist Sonja Knecht makes the island house her writing studio over the winter. She enjoys quiet Schwanenwerder from November 2021 to February 2022. To round off her stay, she will provide a visual-verbal retrospective, share insight into her writing processes and read from her experimental poetry.

Anja Asche

Berlin Woman Moved in July 2021

Experimental artist Anja Asche will remain at the Atelierhaus until 31 October 2021. On 3 October 2021 a work show is planned in the house.

Lisa Chang Lee

The Third Chinese Woman on Schwanenwerder

In May 2021 the young artist Lisa Chang Lee moved into the Künstlerhaus. She will work with the history of the Grunewald in a special way. For this “green forest” in Berlin, so well known today for local recreation, is full of history.

Jiny Lan

The Second Chinese Woman Has Moved Into the Künstlerhaus on Schwanenwerder

In February 2021 the next Chinese artist moved into the house on Berlin's Schwanenwerder Island to pursue her art undisturbed: the feminist painter Jiny Lan, who will work in the house until the end of April.

Chun Sue

Chinese Writer Starts Her Residency on Schwanenwerder

Chun Sue, well-known poet and writer from Beijing, is the first artist to participate in the artist-in-residence project “China's Female Artists Reside in Berlin-Schwanenwerder” – a three-year joint project of the Gesellschaft für Deutsch-Chinesischen kulturellen Austausch e. V. (GeKA, Berlin) and Cordts Art Foundation (Hamburg).

Gabriele Stötzer

The Next Scholarship Holder Has Moved In

The German writer and artist Gabriele Stötzer moved into the studio house on Schwanenwerder Island in Berlin on 1 June 2020 as the next artist-in-residence. She will continue her exploration of the female self-image in figures and text on canvas until the end of September.

Monika Müller-Klug

First Artist-in-Residence

Monika Müller-Klug, an experienced lyricist and sculptor from the Sculpture Garden in Damnatz (Lower Saxony), will be the first artist-in-residence. Her theme is the multi-layered relationship between man and nature. The 82-year-old will work on an oak trunk on Schwanenwerder. It will be interesting to see what the historical place inspires her to do with it.

Monika Müller-Klug