Women Artists in Residence

Gabriele Stötzer

The Next Scholarship Holder Has Moved In

The German writer and artist Gabriele Stötzer moved into the studio house on Schwanenwerder Island in Berlin on 1 June 2020 as the next “Artist in Residence”. She will continue her exploration of the female self-image in figures and text on canvas until the end of September.

Monika Müller-Klug

First Artist in Residence

Monika Müller-Klug, an experienced lyricist and sculptor from the Sculpture Garden in Damnatz (Lower Saxony), will be the first artist in residence. Her theme is the multi-layered relationship between man and nature. The 82-year-old will work on an oak trunk on Schwanenwerder. It will be interesting to see what the historical place inspires her to do with it.

Monika Müller-Klug