Niki Matita

Niki Matita is a Berlin-based artist, researcher and cultural worker.

Radio and sound art in particular offer her a wide range of expressive possibilities and formats. In order to discover these, she also connects the medium with other people and their concerns and art forms.

For her, being on an island surrounded by water means coming into contact with two essential carriers of her ephemeral working material:

Niki Matita (© Christian Gierden)

“Air and water are alike in one regard, because they transport waves. We perceive those of air as sound, tones, noises, words, music and turbulence. They surround us wherever we are. Waves bridge distances that we could not physically reach without aids.
What we perceive aurally and physically can carry us to infinite distances. Radio waves surround us even if we do not use them for our benefit. They are omnipresent and eternal.” Niki Matita

Niki Matita will live on Schwanenwerder from February to April 2024.