June 2020

The Next Scholarship Holder Has Moved In

The German writer and artist Gabriele Stötzer moved into the studio house on Schwanenwerder Island in Berlin on 1 June 2020 as the next “Artist in Residence”. She will continue her exploration of the female self-image in figures and text on canvas until the end of September.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the originally intended scholarship holder, the young Indonesian Putu Sridiani, was unable to start her journey. She will come to Berlin at a later date – as soon as international travel is possible again. Gabriele Stötzer therefore preponed her scholarship.

Press release June 2020

April 2020

Dear Friends of the Arts

Since October our first scholarship recipient Monika Müller-Klug stayed in the house on the island Schwanenwerder. Inspired she enjoyed the time and brought sculpture and poetry to life.

The beaver was always at her side. Now it has to continue working on its own.

But we have to wait – because of course we cannot, as we hoped a few weeks ago, show her works to the public in Berlin on 19 April 2020.

When we will catch up on the exhibition is still uncertain, but we will keep you informed with the absolute will to make art.

Get through this time well!

October 2019

Opening Exhibition Schwanenwerder – A Review

After months of preparation and renovation, the Cordts Art Foundation finally celebrated its establishment on 3 October 2019. The location was of course the house on Schwanenwerder which represents the center of the foundation's work.

The event kicked off with an exhibition of works by the sculptor and founder Franziska Seifert through which it became apparent how wonderfully the space within the house harmonises with the works of art.

As you enter the house, the view falls on the opposite window front. Behind it, the view extends over the garden and the adjacent Wannsee. A certain calmness descends on the viewer, one looks forward to discovering more.

The ground floor is full of light and minimalistically furnished, which gives it a very spacious appearance. The upper floor, on the other hand, appears rustic and cosy due to the sloping roofs and a preference for wood – a contrast and yet ideal. The items of the exhibition are arranged in a seemingly random pattern in the house as well as in the garden and each one is beautifully displayed in its surroundings.

When the doors opened at noon, the guests flocked into the house. As it filled, guests moved into the garden until it was also fairly full. More than 200 visitors walked across the grounds, enjoyed champagne and other drinks, marveled at the works of art and talked to each other.

The visitors of this exhibition were encouraged to touch the sculptures as this allows another impression of the works. Again and again one could observe how individuals walked away from their group to discover another corner of the premises or to step onto the adjoining jetty to take in the surroundings and the special atmosphere in peace.

One quickly realises that this is an ideal place to calm down, to let one's creativity run free and to devote oneself to art.

Then the founder and exhibiting artist Franziska Seifert welcomed her guests and told them how the project “Women Artists in Residence” came about, what motivated her, and that her focus is primarily on art, beyond monetary issues.

She talked about the role of women in art, her own experiences and why it is so important to stimulate a discourse on this topic and to provide support that she herself had been denied.

She told her guests that it was actually her husband Tim Cordts who gave her the idea to realise a project exclusively for women. This then led her to question the art scene and the gender roles anchored within.

Franziska provided a nice insight into the background of her project and it became clear that there is authentic commitment behind it.

Finally, the first scholarship recipient, Monika Müller-Klug, was introduced.

The 82-year-old is a lyricist and sculptor and will devote herself to her poetry and the design of an oak tree trunk during her stay on Schwanenwerder. She will focus on the multi-layered relationship between man and nature and will present her works at an exhibition in April – we are already looking forward to the results!

August 2019

On 3 October 2019, the sculptor and founder Franziska Seifert will open the international project “Women Artists in Residence” This is also the kick-off event for the introduction of the first scholarship recipient of the Cordts Art Foundation artist residency on Schwanenwerder, lyricist and sculptor Monika Müller-Klug.

The vernissage begins on 3 October 2019 at 12 o'clock with music, champagne and water
Inselstraße 2a, 14129 Berlin-Nikolassee, Germany
A shuttle service to the S-Bahn will be provided.

The exhibition will also be open on Saturday and Sunday, 5 und 6 October 2019 from 12 noon to 4 pm.

E-mail: benedix[at]
Phone: +49 (0)172 4128087