Hau Chun Kwong

I Am Listening Where the Wind Blows …

“Nature's life is endless, full of power and freedom.” In life and death, Hau Chun Kwong searches for inner feelings and voices, wants to bring alive the simplest beauty of nature. To do this, she uses various techniques such as words, works on paper, woodcuts, still images or videos – an emotional dialogue.

Hau Chun Kwong

“The tranquility on Schwanenwerder finally gives me the opportunity to trace the subtle voices. At the same time as me, many refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Berlin, an old city with traumas and history. The inner contradictions, like the ups and downs of the ocean waves – maybe it's this sense of the end that makes me look seriously at Berlin again, a passerby that doesn't belong here.”

Hau Chun Kwong has been exhibiting worldwide since 1988, among others in her hometown Hong Kong, Munich, Italy or Bolzano. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Canton and Munich, was a master student of Prof. Cristina Iglesias, among others, and won the 1st prize of the StadtAcker Art Project 2018.


“China's Female Artists Reside in Berlin-Schwanenwerder” – a cooperation between the Gesellschaft für Deutsch-Chinesischen kulturellen Austausch e. V. (GeKA e. V.) and Cordts Art Foundation


We invite you to the open studio of our scholarship holder Hau Chun Kwong on 1 May 2022 at the Künstlerhaus on Schwanenwerder. Detailed information: Invitation to the open studio