Putu Sridiniari

Putu Sridiniari travels as a visual culture researcher from the south of the globe to the north, more precisely to Schwanenwerder, Berlin. At home in Bali, the north is a sacred place where the mountains stand.

She asks herself: “What will become of me if I travel further north? A scattered being: what are the things I can find and make to connect again to my rituals? Are there objects, people, and places around Schwanenwerder that I can give meaning and function as a tool for spiritual practice? What changes and what is added to my practice? What are the commonalities between us?”

We are curious to see what Putu Sridiniari will find in this historical place with a fresh eye and how she will translate her observations into artistic practice.

Putu Sridiniari will be on Schwanenwerder until September 2023. We will inform you about public events soon.