Amany Atef

The dancer and educator Amany Atef moved into the Künstlerhaus on 1 September 2022. She will use her fellowship to continue working on her research project “Bluebottle Flies” – a project about the perceptions and experiences of psychological-social behaviour. Amany Atef aims to create awareness about one of the most underrated mental disorders, bipolar disorder, which affects millions of people worldwide; a life lived between elation and depression.

During her artistic residency, Amany Atef will develop a choreography that translates her work on the social and individual psychological imbalance into a dance performance.

Amany Atef

“I continue to assert that our understanding of mental disorders remains limited, especially in Middle Eastern, Arab, and African countries. Therefore, my work focuses on making connections between art and psychology.” Amany Atef

Amany Atef studied contemporary dance at the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University in Cairo. She works as a contemporary performer, theater actress, choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance and ballet. She strongly believes that art can be used as a tool for human development, bringing people and communities together.
In her work, she also uses participatory theater, therapeutic drama, and other arts-based processes for healing, dialogue, and social commonality.

The artist will conclude her fellowship at the end of November with the presentation of her dance performance.