Alice Pedroletti

Islands have taken a liking to artist Alice Pedroletti, who has lived for many years between Milan and Berlin. As a visual artist, she explores the relationship between artwork and viewer, the aspects of being and vision.

During her fellowship, she will explore the history of Schwanenwerder, geographically and historically. Her work will be photographic and sculptural, using archival material and models.

Alice Pedroletti

“I consider islands as monuments, pre-existent architectures, hourglasses: random, drifting, floating stones. Every island I examine harbors a second possible island underwater. It is seemingly unknown, mysterious, unreachable.” Alice Pedroletti

Alice Pedroletti has been researching floating islands for ten years.
Currently, boats – the objects we use to reach islands, regardless of geographic and urban locations or social conditions – are the focus of her research. She is working on a prototype of a foldable and portable sculpture boat: a metaphorical, body-sized “object” that can be used to reach the real and imagined places she is exploring.

The scholarship holder will live on Schwanenwerder until mid-February 2023. From April 2023, she will then exhibit in the new spaces of the “nogallery” in Ludwigkirchstraße in Wilmersdorf. Detailed information: Invitation to the opening